Energy saving windows glass

Sophisticated system of glass product PT Asahi Mas (Japan Product) which supporting Green Building, glass type Sunergy or Solar Control Low-E Glass is having the following advantages:

  1. Sunergy glass can save AC though does not use roller blinds or window film as a barrier to the sun's heat for holding Heat Transfer heat from outside into the room because it has reflected Energy: 10% with only 5% of ordinary glass.
  2. Glass has Sinergy Solar Factor (heat transfer inside) to 60%, only 77% ordinary glass then it is better to keep the temperature in the room much cooler than outside because of the cold hold indoors to outdoors.
  3. The glare of the sun's rays can bounce off the glass Sunergy Solar Re Radiated because it has 32% of regular glass that only 17%

Frame glass using YKK brand where it is accounted for in terms of safety from the wind and flexural strength of the supplier. Brand is the brand YKK aluminum frame very best in Indonesia. Supervision of the YKK where supported from Japan companies make quality frames kwualitas not an ordinary frame for frame type is only intended for building Grha Sentra.
Glass Frame: